5 Critical SaaS Marketing Strategies To Explore in 2024

5 Critical SaaS Marketing Strategies To Explore in 2024

Starting a SaaS business might be likened to going on a trip through the magical factory of Willy Wonka. It’s full of opportunities, surprises and the occasional difficult turn. In this dynamic terrain, your startup needs to use strategic marketing. There’s no "golden ticket in this era for your SaaS advertising." This feature at SaaS Express Times can be your compass. I’ll reveal 8 critical SaaS marketing strategies to turn your small SaaS business into a unicorn.

Let the event begin! Explore the latest strategies that will work in 2024 for your software subscription business.

5 SaaS marketing strategies that work in 2024

If you're a SaaS founder or marketer, you know how challenging it is to stand out in the crowded and competitive software market. You need to constantly innovate, adapt and experiment with new ways to attract, engage and retain your customers.

I'm here to help you with some proven and cutting-edge SaaS marketing strategies that will work in 2024 and beyond.

Let’s dig the 5 ever-lasting SaaS marketing strategies.

Start by selling individual product features (apply that personalized marketing strategy)

Throw away the gimmicky advertisements and pushy salespeople!

Think of a feature in your application that is so great that users talk about it like Charlie Bucket did when he described Willy Wonka's factory. Can you bring that magic into your SaaS applications?

Product-led growth (PLG) marketing strategy is what SaaS people frequently refer to it as, but I think the term "individualized" makes more sense.

The idea is simple. Launch the product (with possibly some greatest features) as fast as possible in the market.

Think of it this way: instead of chasing customers, you open a delicious candy store (your software) and let the irresistible aromas (awesome features) lure them in. They sample the goods (free trials & freemium options), get hooked (problem solved!), and tell their friends (organic growth!).

If you go this competitive way, here's the sweet payoff:

  • Less money spent on ads: Word-of-mouth is sweeter than any marketing campaign.

  • Happier, longer-lasting customers: Engaged users become loyal fans, singing your praises.

  • Faster product evolution: User feedback is your golden ticket to making your software even better.

  • Easier scaling: No need for a huge sales team, your software does the selling for you.

Ready to open your candy store or personalized products inventory? This is the way you should go.

  • Craft a delicious SaaS product, which solves a real business or personal problem. Make it user-friendly and sprinkle in some fun with custom solutions.

  • Offer free samples to let users taste the magic with frictionless trials and freemium options.

  • Roll out the welcome mat to guide users on an adventure of discovery, showing them how awesome your SaaS app is.

  • Be their personal Wonka and offer ongoing support and education, like Willy showing Charlie around his factory.

  • Finally, have ears all over. Be it analytics or user behavior. Collect user feedback and optimize constantly to gain continuous improvement.

Bring out the freemium version in the open

Freemium SaaS apps are a great launch pad for CTOs. Most CTOs tend to market their free version organically but paid ads can also help to get instant users onboard.

Businesses such as Zoom and Dropbox gained enormous popularity by providing freemium services along with paid upgrades.

This strategy is fantastic; in fact, I think it's revolutionary for SaaS marketing. Before committing to a payment, I would like my customers to experience the advantages of the product.

Workshops, webinars, and even online hackathons centered around the essential features of your freemium can be effective attracting elements.

Consider these three things when you provide a freemium version of your SaaS to the users

  • Give them an exclusive substance that has a value

  • Early access to new features is a must

  • Expert sessions involving your applications and How-Tos bring more credibility

Let the creative content monster within you emerge

If you’re in the SaaS business, you have to unleash the “aha” moments more frequently. They usually come from great content and copies.

So, let’s get rid of content assembly lines and bring some fresh ideas to the pitch.

Blog entries that make you want to go to sleep will not work anymore in 2024.

Focus mostly on preparing delicious content feasts. Content can be blogs, LinkedIn copies, email marketing newsletters and visual copies.

Here’s how you should do it.

  • Ditch the heavily text-based instructions. Use interactive training lessons to help people negotiate real-world issues with your freemium services. Animated videos can be great here to things memorable.

  • Micro-learning is booming because attention spans are shortening. It isn’t boring and ineffective. You can serve bite-sized learning moments – infographics, short videos, and quizzes – delivering quick wins that keep users hungry for more.

Also, get past the outdated triumph narratives. They never work these days.

Before purchasing your SaaS products, users expect more credible information.

Tell your users how your SaaS solution can enhance savings by 25% instead. That is the information CEOs and CTOs want to know.

Avoid doing so since, as you may recall, email marketing was not the sole factor in Mailchimp's success. They have woven a subtle revolution in storytelling with their narrative.

Here’s another idea - Make a name for yourself as a thought leader in specialized blogs and trade magazines.

Write guest posts that highlight your experience. Maybe you can add a note to subtly promote your freemium or paid version.

“Your-own SaaS community” is working in 2024 and beyond

Nowadays, creating your own SaaS community is standard practice for SaaS marketing campaigns.

Nearly all other SaaS companies are attempting to establish their own communities and feed relevant content to them.

Having a niche community helps SaaS brands in three ways:

  • Makes email list longer, filled with valuable users

  • Increased likelihood of getting a paid user in the community itself

  • Makes room for highly personalized content for more engagement

Several brands—including WordPress, LinkedIn, Discord, Tumblr, Twitter, Substack, and others—offer their own community platforms under different names.

I find them super useful for many SaaS startups. These sites also attract audiences from Google. So, now your SaaS platform gets more organic attention.

There are some community websites where you can showcase your competence through sponsored or paid advertisements.

You can create an account on these websites to attract the first batch of customers for your subscription software company.

Steal someone’s else marketing idea

Here’s a truth you can’t ignore - the majority of ideas are plagiarized, and marketing is no exception. It's people's nature to copy ideas and get new inspiration.

You have to master the art of copying to sell your products or their features.

If not, try borrowing concepts from other successful SaaS brands and seeing how they succeed with SaaS marketing strategies.

Take a page from giants like Slack and HubSpot, who ascended to prominence through deliberate, calculated moves, not mere chance. Their journeys provide invaluable lessons:

  • Bootstrapping brilliance: Follow Slack's example by championing organic growth. Craft an exceptional product that sparks wildfire word-of-mouth – sometimes, the purest gold lies in creating something truly compelling that speaks for itself.

  • Content alchemy: HubSpot's success comes from mastering the art of valuable content. Turn your blog posts into lead magnets, proving that informative, engaging content can be the most potent marketing magic.

  • Community charm: Salesforce's Dreamforce conference exemplifies the power of the SaaS community. Foster genuine connections and a sense of belonging around your product – it can be an ultimate game-changer.

So, there you have it – 5 friendly SaaS marketing strategies to explore in 2024. If you find some more ideas, do let me know so that I can add more experience around them.

SaaS marketing strategy: email marketing or video ads – Which one’s good?

SaaS email marketing strategy - The friendly helper

Email marketing has a lot of potential, in my opinion. CEOs and CTOs prefer to speak with you directly and email is the perfect medium. You might provide personal anecdotes or highlight your greatest testimonials in your emails.

Play around with standard cold emails in the beginning instead of launching campaigns.

Collect the right prospects in your email list (use popup forms in your SaaS website to capture leads) and occasionally engage in email campaign gaming.

In case you're still unsure about how email marketing might benefit you, consider this:

  • Like a superhero friend, email messages are personalized just for you. They send messages about things you're interested in, like cool newsletters and special offers.

  • We can check how well these emails are doing by looking at numbers, like how many people open them or click on the links. It's like testing different superpowers to see which one works best.

  • The best part? It doesn't cost a lot of money to use emails. We can reach a bunch of people without spending too much.

SaaS video content marketing strategy - The attention grabber

Video content is the need of the hour. Millions of people watch those video channels, and some of them may become prospects or even customers.

Video content creation can be expensive and time-consuming, if you’re eye quality but gif content can be your perfect ally. They can be made at no cost at all. Plus, use Canva to add some shine.

  • Videos are simply powerful because of compelling stories, beautified with pictures and words. They catch your eye and make you understand things quickly. For example, a video can show how a cool SaaS tool works in just a few minutes.

  • Videos also make you feel things, like when you watch a video of someone saying how much they love a product. It's like making friends with the superheroes!

  • Videos can be shown on cool places like YouTube and LinkedIn, where lots of people hang out. It's like putting up a big sign that says, "Check out this awesome thing!"

What’s the final verdict:

There’s no clear winner because both works in their awesome tone!

The best idea is to use them together. First, we can send friendly emails to tell people about our cool stuff.

Then, we can use videos to show them exactly why it's amazing and convince them to try it.

Wrapping up – Let’s go explore SaaS marketing strategies for some good

So, it’s time to get rid of the old SaaS marketing playbook. In 2024, the demand for engaging content is already rising. Whether you're writing for newsletters or private messaging, you have to be cutting-edge in your content and marketing copies.

Although organic marketing is still highly effective, CEOs and CTOs must allocate time and money to it. If you're looking for scalable growth, hiring copywriters and content writers is helpful; otherwise, little investments in sponsored advertisements can help you get started.

Get in touch with us right now whether you require web and backend developers, content writers, or a digital marketing team.

Lastly, please let me know if you have any additional effective SaaS product marketing strategies. I would adore investigating them and presenting them to our esteemed readership.

Happy SaaS marketing! 😃🌼